5 Tips For Writing a Great Travel Blog

1. A travel blog should entertain the reader.

One of the most important aspects of creating a good travel journal is a knack for telling a good story, write the blog the way you would tell your friends about the experience. If your readers find the story emotionally engaging then they will almost always find the blog useful and interesting. Make them laugh, make them cry, scare them with terrible travel tales of terror – but never, ever be boring.

2. A travel blog should be specific, but not too specific!

Remember that you are writing your diary to share your experience with the world, some people will be reading it to find out where you went, what it was like, and if they’d like to go there. So include special bits of advice, like the name of that really nice guesthouse you stayed at in Mui Ne, Vietnam – but don’t list down the full street address, the owner and their family history, and other unnecessary details. Just by naming a business in your blog you will give any prospective traveler enough information to find their way to comfort!

3. Your readers should be able to read your travel journal.

This means if you are guilty of using appalling grammar and spelling, stop! It iz almost imposible 2 read sumfing dat iznt spelt or written rite. So make sure you use the spell check, you’ll make your blog far more popular if you do.

4. Your travel blog should allow the reader to easily find the information they need.

Try not to ramble too much if possible, some of the readers of your travel blog will be stuck in an internet cafe on the edge of a rain forest or desert – they will be paying $10 an hour to use the internet connection, which is slower than swimming through treacle. Help these poor souls (I’ve been one of them) by giving a brief overview of your blog if its a long one, start the blog with a paragraph that outlines the rest of the blog – and then fill in the details.

5. Make sure you get a free travel blog.

Using sites like RoundMyWorld.com allow travelers to access many great travel blogs at once, you may have one of the best blogs on the net – but as a piece of travel advice it is only applicable for one part of the world. By joining forces with other bloggers you can make a real difference to someone else’s traveling experience.

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